Izgara kuzu pirzola, Tarhana Corbasi and Tabbouleh

Last night Post: Before going to bed, I post a photo. Tonight I made Izgara kuzu pirzola, Tarhana Corbasi and Tabbouleh. The supermarket nearby is huge, and they have so much Lamb meat selections. It’s unusual for supermarket in Japan!
And, I bought a book called “Sekai No Kome Ryori (Rice cookings of the World) by Famous Food writer Ms. Kyoko Ogino recently. This Izgara Kuzu pirzola’s recipe is from the book.
I marinated Lamb chops with Yoghurt, Garlic, Kekik(Turkish Thyme), Olive Oil, Onion slice & Tomatoes.
And, this is the 1st time trial with my new gas cooker in my kitchen. It has a Both sides grill for fish & BBQ! Both sides fires! not 1 sided fire!
So, I wanted to cook Izgara pirzola with the Both sides grill!
And, the result was so amazing! so fast and efficient! Maybe tomorrow I will do it again!

昨夜の夕飯はトルコ料理ラムチョップのウズガラ・ピルゾラ、タルハナチョルバス、レバノンのタッブーレ。‪#‎izgara‬ ‪#‎tarhanaçorbası‬ ‪#‎tabbouleh‬