サラーム海上 Salam Unagami




選曲出演するJ-WAVE の中東音楽専門番組「Oriental Music Show」が2017年日本民間放送連盟賞ラジオエンターテインメント番組部門最優秀賞を受賞。




  • 美味すぎる!世界グルメ巡礼(双葉社 2020)
  • MEYHANE TABLE More! 人がつながる中東料理(LD&K 2019)
  • ジャジューカの夜、スーフィーの朝(DU Books 2017)
  • MEYHANE TABLE 家メイハネで中東料理パーティー(LD&K 2016)
  • イスタンブルで朝食を オリエントグルメ旅(双葉文庫 2016)
  • おいしい中東 オリエントグルメ旅(双葉文庫 2013)
  • 21世紀中東音楽ジャーナル(アルテスパブリッシング 2012)
  • エキゾ音楽超特急 完全版(文化放送メディアブリッジ 2008)
  • PLANET INDIA インド・エキゾ音楽紀行(河出書房新社 2006 )
  • エキゾ音楽超特急 とびだせジャパニ!(双葉社 2003)


  • アラブ・ミュージック その深遠なる魅力に迫る(東京堂出版)


  • NHK FM 音楽遊覧飛行 エキゾチッククルーズ ナビゲーター(2012〜)
  • J-WAVE Oriental Music Show (2016~)2017年日本民間放送連盟賞ラジオエンターテインメント番組部門最優秀賞受賞
  • ラジオ高崎 Musique Sans Frontieres (2019~)
  • J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 もちこみレコメン(2004〜)
  • 文化放送 くにまるジャパン ゲスト(2009〜2012)
  • 文化放送デジタル Unique The Radio オリエントエクスプレス (2007~2009)


  • 朝日カルチャーセンター新宿校 ワールド音楽入門講座(2012〜)
  • 和光大学オープンカレッジぱいでいあワールド音楽入門講座(2008~2011)
  • 獨協大学オープンカレッジ中東音楽講座(2012〜)


  • Cafe Bohemia~Relaxin’ With Shisha(LD&K 2014)
  • Yallah! Yallah! 1&2(EMI Music Japan 2005)
  • Shanti Shanti (EMI Music Japan 2004)
  • Club Bollywood(Sony Music Direct 2006)
  • Very Belly Dance 3 (Ahora Corp 2006)


  • クロッシング・ザ・ブリッジ~サウンド・オブ・イスタンブール(ファティ・アキン監督、Victor Entertainment 2007)

Music & Food Writer / Radio DJ / Lecturer / MC

Resident DJ for Blue Galaxy of “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL”.

Salam’s Radio program on J-WAVE “Oriental Music Show” got the Best Radio Entertainment Award 2017 by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association!

Salam regularly visits the Middle-Eastern countries and the Indian Subcontinent since late 1980’s to make research local music, food & culture.
He published 5 books about World Music & 5 books about the Middle-Eastern Cooking.
Salam’s weekly music program “Ongaku Yuran Hiko” on NHK-FM (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is the most popular World Music radio program all over Japan. And, his recipe book “MEYHANE TABLE” ranked as the No.1 in Amazon Ethnic cooking books category.

My Books.
  • Bon, Muito Bon! World Gourmet Pilgrimage 2020
  • MEYHANE TABLE More!” My 2nd cooking recipes book from the Middle East. 2019
  • “Night in Joujouka, Morning with Sufi: Walking Through World Music” 2017
  • “MEYHANE TABLE”, My 1st full-colour cooking recipes book from Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco & Israel. 2016
  • “Breakfast in istanbul” The sequel of ”Oishii Chuto” 36 recipes from  Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, London, Tokyo & Israel, 2016.
  •  “Oishii Chuto (Delicous the Middle-Eastern Cooking)”, my 1st. cooking columns & 52 recipes from Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen & Israel, 2013.
  •  “21st Century Middle-Eastern Music Journal”, 2012.
  •  “Trans World Express Definitive Edition”, my travelogues with music and CD guide, 2008.
  •  “Planet India”. My quest of Indian music, including Hindusthani, Carnatic classical music, Rajasthani folk, Bollywood, and Asian Massives, 2006.
  • “Trans World Express”, my travelogues with World music and CD guide, 2003.
  • NHK-FM  “Ongaku Yuran Hiko (Music Sight-Seeing Flying)”, regular World Music program on 4 times a month all over Japan!
  • J-WAVE “Oriental Music Show” weekly  World Music program in Tokyo & Eastern Japan Area.
  • Radio Takasaki “Musique Sans Frontieres” Biweekly World Music Program in Gumma area.
  • World Music studies at Asahi Culture Centre Shinjuku monthly.
  • World Music studies at Dokkyo, Rikkyo & Wako University.
Food workshop
  •  “Shuccho Meyhane (Traveling Meyhane)   the Middle Eastern Cooking Workshops in Tokyo and everywhere in Japan
  • Cooking Class Teacher at Coto-Labo Asagaya run by Orange Page magazine
  • Resident DJ for Blue Galaxy of “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL”.
  • DJ in nightclubs, and at wedding parties.
  • making CD complations.
  • supervising foreign Movies into Japanese versions,
  • supervising the Middle Eastern Cookings menus for restaurants.


1967: Born in Gumma.

1990: Graduated the Department of Political Science at Meiji University. 6 years Worked at “WAVE Roppongi”, A legendary music store in Tokyo, then, started writing about music for several magazines.

1996: left Japan, and stayed in Montpellier, South France for 6 months to learn French.  2 years Backpacking travels around the Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Tibet and India.

1998: Back to Tokyo, Worked for some Independent Music Labels and the public relations of the Tokyo’s biggest club “WOMB”.

2000: Became freelance Music Journalist.

2003: Published the 1st book “Trans World Express”.

2004: Started to talk in Radio Program on J-Wave.

2008: Started World Music Lecture Class at Wako University Open College.

2012: Started my own World Music Program called “Ongaku Yuran Hiko” on NHK FM.

2016: Published 2 books about the Middle Eastern Food, “MEYHANE TABLE” & “Breakfast in istanbul” . Started My 2nd Radio Program called “Oriental Music Show” on J-WAVE.

2017: “Oriental Music Show” on J-WAVE got the Best Radio Entertainment Award 2017 by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association! Published my 8th Book “Night in Joujouka, Morning with Sufi: Walking Through World Music”.

2018: Spinned 3nights at Fuji Rock Festival.

2019: Published “MEYHANE TABLE More!” 2nd recipe book.

2020:Published “Bon, Muito Bon! World Gourmet Pilgrimage” book