9/20 Goreme 02: Manti Cooking Class & Dalton Brothers

Bestseller in this Summer! yaz salatasi.

Salam Takuya Unagamiさん(@salam_unagami)が投稿した写真 –

Today, finally I took the Manti Cooking Class from Newly Opened Restaurant “Organic Cave Kitchen”, Goreme. 4 local women cook traditional time consuming cookings with firewood oven. ‪#‎searchingforperfectmanti‬ IMG_9940 Yes, Manti! Yufka is handmaid, fermented butter, meat, Yoghurt, every ingredients are nice. ‪#‎searchingforperfectmanti‬ IMG_0012 I interviewed with Mustafa Kantar the owner of “Organic Cave Kitchen” from Goreme. My article about him will be in 2 months. IMG_0016 After cooking class, we will go to The Dalton Brothers Horse Ranch that was featured on the film “Winter Sleep”. Cowboy Ekrem lives in Goreme stone house with traditional cowboy living style.   IMG_0034 Esma Şahin Murat from BaBa ZuLa’s wife came to see me from Ankara, she always helps me lot. Thank you so much. IMG_0049  

Cowboy Ekrem’s Horse Ride. You can see him in “Winter Sleep” film. Salam Takuya Unagamiさん(@salam_unagami)が投稿した動画 –

Goreme. summer end silentky & windy.

Salam Takuya Unagamiさん(@salam_unagami)が投稿した動画 –

At Dalton Brothers, Ekrem’s friends come and spend some time and relax. I wish I come again in winter time like “Winter Sleep” film.


Cowboy Ekrem, such a style guy! The Dalton Brothers Horse Ranch


Dinner with Mustafa Kantar & Esma Şahin at “Organic Cave Kitchen”. Perfect timing is Sunset time.



Testi Kebab is completely different as the last night one! Beef & herbs firewood low heat made some kind of alchemy! brilliant!


This time I ate 4 times Cicek Dolmasi, Stuffed Zucchini Flower.
The flowers bloom only 3 weeks in a year, and once petals are opened, it’s useless, you can’t make it! So, all village women go and pick them up early in the morning, and stuff half cooked rice & herbs. Then you can keep them in the freezer.
4 times ate, some are unique, some are so so.
The one from “Organic Cave Kitchen” was simple, but, so tasty. Pollen from the flower gives strong creamy rich texture that I’ve never known! I want to eat them one more time!




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