9.12 istanbul 03: Baris Manco, Red Light Radio, Yeni Lokantasi & Babylon Bomonti

Breakfast in this morning at a Cafe. I’d really missed Sucuk Menemen for a long time!


Baris Manco starts to talk to me!


From Asia to Europe again by ferry.

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Crossing again and again

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This gigantic ferry always parks at Karakoy quay. I’ve never seen it was moving.


Red Light Radio & Bant Mag. Event started in the rainy afternoon at Cezayir in French st. It was so interesting to hear Turkish young & underground artists background in English!


Red light radio & Bant magazine at Cezair.

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Harun took me to a good place to eat “Yeni Lokantasi” in Galata. He always teach me good music, specially Turkish Jazz and good food. IMG_8193

Zucchini Flowers Farci with Shrimps. Tarama is below. It’s like Tempura and so original! I definitely try it when I go back to Tokyo!


Dried Aubergine Manti & Yoghurt from Antakya. Meatless Manti? so tasty! I named this trip as “Manti Trip”. This is the beginning!‪#‎searchingfortheperfectmanti‬


The 2nd Manti I ate is the Real Meat Manti. This is not on the written menu. The owner, famous chef, Civan offered it to me. Yoghurt from Antakya was so soar! ‪#‎searchingfortheperfectmanti‬


Raki flavored Seabass & Ezine Cheese, Rocket salad. Raki flavored white fish! French use Absenthe for Fish, Why Turkish doesn’t use Raki for Fish? The Stuffing is Onion.



Red Light Radio & Bant Mag. Event in the night. The rain stopped and so many people come!



And, Ahmetcan took me to new Babylon in the midnight. It’s so big! Congratulations Ahmet & Cem of Pozitif! Brooklyn Funk Essential & Husnu Senlendirici played. I miss BaBa ZuLa plays there on 30th!


Brooklyn Funk Essential & Husnu Senlendirici @new Babylon

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sis kekab

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