9.11 istanbul 02: Dinner at Antiochia & Suadiye

Staying at Hakkan & Aylin’s spacious house.


Peruvian Seviche is universal now! From the book “CIBALIKAPI”.


The Meyhane=Tavern guy gave me their own recipe book!
“Cibalikapi From a traditional istanbul Tavern”. It’s a very useful book for me, because it’s about Seafood and Mediterranean food of Turkey. It gives me a different aspect. And, their favorite “Rembetiko” music CD is attached!



Breakfast in this morning. So many Cheese & Bread. Jams are made by Aylin’s mother.


I really want this Electric Caydinlik for long winter!



MacBook is everywhere.

Salam Takuya Unagamiさん(@salam_unagami)が投稿した写真 –

Breeze is nice. Salam Takuya Unagamiさん(@salam_unagami)が投稿した写真 –

on the Vapur of Europe & Asia.

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Marmara Sea was as usual. IMG_7989 My new friend, Suleyman Gulum from the Antiochia Restaurant. He said ” The taste lies in the detail. IMG_8003 My early evening dinner is Assorted plate from Antiochia Restaurant. They serve the South Turkish Organic Foods which are so nice! Actually I have one more dinner tonight from now. So, I skipped lunch today. Mezzes on the right side are 1.Green Olives with Tomato, Zaatar & Pomegranates molasse 2.Baked Aubergine with Tomato 3.Baked & Skinned Red Paprika paste with Walnuts 4.Hummus. The left side is Kebap rolled with Pide. IMG_8014

Vapur in the night.

Salam Takuya Unagamiさん(@salam_unagami)が投稿した写真 –

The 2nd Dinner for the last night was Meyhane in Suadiye. Mezzes:1.Beyaz Peynir, Feta cheese 2:Smoked Bonito 3:Seabass in Pesto 4:Girit Ezmesi, Creta island’s paste 5:Zucchini flowers Dolma 6:Deepfried Aubergine in Yoghurt



Deep-fried Mullets swam towards me last night!


Watermelon & Ethem Onur Bilgiç


Watermelon & Deniz Tarsus