Mini Tomato, Rocket & Walnuts Salad, with Balsamique Vinegar.


Tonight I made Mini Tomato, Rocket & Walnuts Salad, with Balsamique Vinegar Dressing. Fresh Green Vege & Nuts combination. This is a typical Levant salad. Instead of Pomegranates molasse, I added Balsamique Vinegar. Organic Bio Rocket & Mini Tomato are expensive in Tokyo. But, I really like the taste.
And, for the main dish, I made One Day Dried Firefly Squid, rape blossoms & Grilled Halloumi Cheese Spaghetti. I think this is the end of season for One Day Dried Firefly Squid… I miss it very much. See you next year!



IMG_3005 IMG_3003