Middle Eastern Cooking 012: Farcie de Poulet Maroccaine, Fes 2014 June


[Middle Eastern Cooking 012 Farcie de Poulet Maroccaine, 2014 June Fes]
Everytime I go to Fes, I learn local cookings from lacal women at Riad Boujloud kitchen.
They know I already learned Tajines, Cous-cous and Mezes. So, they taught me how to cook la Farcie de Poulet in 2014. I had never eaten or even seen it before!
Stuffing is the Chinese Rice Vermicelli flavored with mixture of Chicken Liver, Gizzard, Salted Lemon, Olives, Coriander leaves & Olive oil. The latter 4 ingredients are essential for Moroccan Cookings. Push the stuffings into the body of the Chicken and cook with a pressure cooker. Then, put butter and bake in the oven.
It takes so long and is a hard troublesome work. But, it’s so aromatic and tasty!

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