サラーム海上 Salam Unagami




選曲出演するJ-WAVE の中東音楽専門番組「Oriental Music Show」が2017年日本民間放送連盟賞ラジオエンターテインメント番組部門最優秀賞を受賞。




  • MEYHANE TABLE More! 人がつながる中東料理(LD&K 2019)
  • ジャジューカの夜、スーフィーの朝(DU Books 2017)
  • MEYHANE TABLE 家メイハネで中東料理パーティー(LD&K 2016)
  • イスタンブルで朝食を オリエントグルメ旅(双葉文庫 2016)
  • おいしい中東 オリエントグルメ旅(双葉文庫 2013)
  • 21世紀中東音楽ジャーナル(アルテスパブリッシング 2012)
  • エキゾ音楽超特急 完全版(文化放送メディアブリッジ 2008)
  • PLANET INDIA インド・エキゾ音楽紀行(河出書房新社 2006 )
  • エキゾ音楽超特急 とびだせジャパニ!(双葉社 2003)


  • アラブ・ミュージック その深遠なる魅力に迫る(東京堂出版)


  • J-WAVE Oriental Music Show (2016~)2017年日本民間放送連盟賞ラジオエンターテインメント番組部門最優秀賞受賞
  • NHK FM 音楽遊覧飛行 エキゾチッククルーズ ナビゲーター(2012〜)
  • J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 もちこみレコメン(2004〜)
  • 文化放送 くにまるジャパン ゲスト(2009〜2012)
  • 文化放送デジタル Unique The Radio オリエントエクスプレス (2007~2009)


  • 朝日カルチャーセンター新宿校 ワールド音楽入門講座(2012〜)
  • 和光大学オープンカレッジぱいでいあワールド音楽入門講座(2008~2011)
  • 獨協大学オープンカレッジ中東音楽講座(2012〜)


  • Cafe Bohemia~Relaxin’ With Shisha(LD&K 2014)
  • Yallah! Yallah! 1&2(EMI Music Japan 2005)
  • Shanti Shanti (EMI Music Japan 2004)
  • Club Bollywood(Sony Music Direct 2006)
  • Very Belly Dance 3 (Ahora Corp 2006)


  • クロッシング・ザ・ブリッジ~サウンド・オブ・イスタンブール(ファティ・アキン監督、Victor Entertainment 2007)

Music & Food Writer / Radio DJ / Lecturer / MC

Salam’s Radio program on J-WAVE “Oriental Music Show” got the Best Radio Entertainment Award 2017 by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association!

Salam regularly visits the Middle-Eastern countries and the Indian Subcontinent since 1980’s to make research local music, food & culture.
He published 5 books about Music travelogues, reports & 3 books about the culinary from the region.
Salam’s weekly music program “Ongaku Yuran Hiko” on NHK-FM is the most popular World Music radio program in Japan. And, his recipe book “MEYHANE TABLE” ranked as the No.1 in Amazon Ethnic cooking books category in 2016.

1967: Born in Gumma.

1990: Graduated the Department of Political Science at Meiji University. 6 years Worked at “WAVE Roppongi”, A legendary music store in Tokyo, then, started writing about music for several magazines.

1996: left Japan, and stayed in Montpellier, South France for 6 months to learn French.  2 years Backpacking travels around the Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Tibet and India.

1998: Back to Tokyo, Worked for some Independent Music Labels and the public relations of the Tokyo’s biggest club “WOMB”.

2000: Became freelance Music Journalist.

2003: Published the 1st book “Trans World Express”.

2004: Started to talk in Radio Program on J-Wave.

2008: Started World Music Lecture Class at Wako University Open College.

2012: Started my own World Music Program called “Ongaku Yuran Hiko” on NHK FM.

2016: Published 2 books about the Middle Eastern Food, “MEYHANE TABLE” & “Breakfast in istanbul” . Started My 2nd Radio Program called “Oriental Music Show” on J-WAVE.

2017: “Oriental Music Show” on J-WAVE got the Best Radio Entertainment Award 2017 by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association! Published my 8th Book “Night in Joujouka, Morning with Sufi: Walking Through World Music”.

My Books.
  • MEYHANE TABLE More!” My 2nd cooking recipes book from the Middle East. 2019
  • “Night in Joujouka, Morning with Sufi: Walking Through World Music” 2017
  • “MEYHANE TABLE”, My 1st full-colour cooking recipes book from Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco & Israel. 2016
  • “Breakfast in istanbul” The sequel of ”Oishii Chuto” 36 recipes from  Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, London, Tokyo & Israel, 2016.
  •  “Oishii Chuto (Delicous the Middle-Eastern Cooking)”, my 1st. cooking columns & 52 recipes from Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen & Israel, 2013.
  •  “21st Century Middle-Eastern Music Journal”, 2012.
  •  “Trans World Express Definitive Edition”, my travelogues with music and CD guide, 2008.
  •  “Planet India”. My quest of Indian music, including Hindusthani, Carnatic classical music, Rajasthani folk, Bollywood, and Asian Massives, 2006.
  • “Trans World Express”, my travelogues with World music and CD guide, 2003.
  • NHK-FM  “Ongaku Yuran Hiko (Music Sight-Seeing Flying)”, regular World Music program on 4 times a month all over Japan!
  • J-WAVE “Oriental Music Show” weekly  World Music program in Tokyo & Eastern Japan Area.
  • World Music studies at Asahi Culture Centre Shinjuku monthly.
  • World Music studies at Dokkyo, Rikkyo & Wako University.
Food workshop
  •  “Shuccho Meyhane (Traveling Meyhane)   the Middle Eastern Cooking Workshops in Tokyo and everywhere in Japan
  • DJ in nightclubs, and at wedding parties.
  • making CD complations.
  • supervising foreign Movies into Japanese versions,
  • supervising the Middle Eastern Cookings menus for restaurants.